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About Us

RES was founded by Lou Lista, the former Director of Systems for Medicaid and the originator of the electronic Medicaid application process. Because of Mr. Lista's extensive experience at Medicaid, where he was closely involved with the development of the Welfare Management System (WMS), the statewide computer system that administers Medicaid eligibility, he has an intimate knowledge of all facets of Medicaid and how to solve the most difficult eligibility problems.

RES has been working with nursing homes and hospitals since 2000, providing consulting services, billing services, collections services, and management of Medicaid and admissions departments. We have had great success with getting approvals on referrals of difficult Medicaid eligibility cases.

The Medicaid Eligibility Decision System—MEDS® was developed in response to New York City’s introduction of the Eligibility Data and Image Transfer System (EDITS). As the first certified electronic submitter to EDITS for the PCAP program, RES Systems has been submitting electronic applications to NYC Medicaid via MEDS® since 2007.

In 2016, we added batch eligibility inquiry to our services, providing a way for our clients to not only get the initial Medicaid approval but also manage ongoing Medicaid eligibility as well.

Although we feel our products are the best in the business, we pride ourselves on our support. We are not just a software company that provides you with an interface to Medicaid. We work as your partner to help you get applications approved and get paid, get you answers when you can't get them from Provider Relations, and can answer the most difficult of Medicaid eligibility questions.

Our combination of Medicaid expertise, relationships, systems knowledge, commitment to customer service, and desire to create solutions that work for our clients makes us the ideal partner for any organization in need of billing services, consulting services, outsourced solutions, or automated services for managing Medicaid eligibility.