MEDS: The Medicaid Eligibility Decision System

MEDS® is RES Systems' robust electronic Medicaid application system that interfaces with New York City's Eligibility Data and Image Transfer System (EDITS). EDITS replaces the paper flow between providers and the Medical Assistance Program (MAP) with electronic transfer of data and images and electronic delivery of eligibility determinations. The system is supported by former Medicaid employees that are extremely knowledgeable about Medicaid rules and can answer the most difficult of Medicaid eligibility inquiry questions.

EDITS supports nursing home applications, conversions, undercare transactions such as status changes, financial changes, and expedited discharge transactions, MLTC applications and renewals, and community/hospital surplus applications (non-MAGI). Medicaid's Human Resources Administration (HRA) department is currently in discussion to add MLTC conversions and financial changes to EDITS for the Home Care unit as well.

The system was designed from the eligibility worker's perspective and is simple and intuitive to use for anyone transitioning from the paper process. You will notice increased productivity from the first day you start using the system.

With MEDS, you get a paperless Medicaid application processing from submission of electronic data and scanned documentation to electronic notification of eligibility decisions. Member/Resident/Patient data can be entered into the system or transferred from a database daily via CSV or XML file formats. Common Medicaid forms can be created with pre-filled data, electronically signed, and converted to an image in a few easy steps. Supporting documents are scanned in using the built-in functionality of the system, and are stored indefinitely and always available for viewing. Data validation is performed to check for completeness before the case is sent off to Medicaid.

When a case is complete and submitted through the system to EDITS, it is automatically date-stamped, proving that it was received by Medicaid. Medicaid workers are then able to process the cases automatically, resulting in faster response times, and quicker approvals, enrollments, etc.

MEDS features an integrated reporting system that allows you to run customizable up-to-date application, statistical, and management reports. Many pre-configured reports are available as well. Reports can be printed or exported to Excel®.

For cases submitted through the system, we work with Medicaid to make sure the coverage is put up correctly. For nursing home cases, we are also able to work as your advocate with Medicaid, proactively check all approvals each day to make sure they are billable, and enter all problem cases into a proprietary case management system allowing us to easily track and follow up on issues and automatically generate a number of reports that we bring in to the Medicaid office on a weekly basis to be worked on.