Billing Services

For Medicaid and Medicare claims, our staff includes former billing managers and expert billers. We offer a free analysis of the facility's accounts receivable aging reports to identify problem accounts and advise the appropriate corrective action. We have had great success in reducing receivables of our clients.

In response to the implementation of mandated managed care in New York, many of our clients approached us for help in obtaining payment from recalcitrant plans. We in turn hired an expert in managed care billing and problem solving with 30 years of experience, and have had an excellent success rate over the last two years. Many of these claims require endless calls and follow-up with the plan which is a burden on facility staff. Our manager and his staff are dedicated to constant pursuit of claims until their resolution. We provide detailed status reports of each contact and the strategy for obtaining payment, including appeals to plan management staff.

For private pay and NAMI collection, we are a licensed Debt Collection Agency with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. We have over 15 years of experience in private and NAMI collections. Our attorney has over 20 years of litigation experience in recovering private and NAMI receivables, and has obtained numerous guardianships as well.

We can provide billing assistance, staff training, or a complete outsourcing solution for your billing operations. On a case-by-case basis for billing and collections, we charge a contingency fee only upon receipt of payment, and do not charge for normal business expenses. We will charge for legal fees if we need to process a summons, but only after approval from the facility. If we collect on the account we will deduct the expenses from our fee.


We have had an excellent track record with the recovery of hospital and nursing home receivables. Some of our most impressive projects include:

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